The conference opens at 1pm on Tuesday 27 June, with the first talk beginning at 2pm, given by Dr Nadia Mazza (Lancaster). The closing talk of the conference will be given by Prof. Dr. Gunter Malle (TU Kaiserslautern), to finish at 1pm on Friday 30 June.

The opening and closing talks will each be one hour long. Contributed talks will run from Tuesday afternoon to Friday morning, with each speaker having a 30 minute slot (25 minutes for the talk, 5 minutes for questions).

All talks will take place in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Meeting Room 2. Coffee and lunch breaks will take place in the CMS Core.

- - -

When you arrive for the conference on Tuesday afternoon, please come directly to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences first. We will guide everyone who has booked accommodation at Fitzwilliam College to check in together after the Tuesday afternoon talks.

If you think you will be arriving later than 2pm, let us know roughly when, so that we can arrange for someone to show you to the lecture hall.

- - -

The conference dinner will be on Thursday evening. The schedule can be found here and a list of abstracts here.